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Information here is curated by me, Tenacious Tonya, as a growing resource of expert knowledge to benefit individuals diagnosed with Epilepsy ( aka seizure disorder) searching for innovative activities of self-management to help current medications and treatments help them feel better daily while enjoying a life of better seizure control.

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During the early years of developing Positive Seizure Development, I was taught by many mentors to consider my legacy. For what great thing do I want to be remembered? As years of practicing Positive Seizure Management weaved the fabric of my days, I realized leaving a legacy is not important to me. What people think about me while I am alive and long aftervisit-website-tenacious-tonya I leave this life is not important to me. What is important is that each person know the Source of their life and how to replenish the troubled areas of life that stress and seizures can dehydrate. This is the reason bringing the concept and practice of Positive Seizure Management to adults ready for the innovative practice remains a passion burning in my soul, my purpose in life. During your visit to this website, you will learn more about me and more about my daughter, Jubilant Jesyka. We have a shared purpose while you join us on our journey to share information with you that will help you maintain a mindset of feeling good every day regardless of what your body tells you while you live with a diagnosis of Epilepsy. How can this be done? Jesy and I have called this Positive Seizure Management for many years. Through our written example we will show you. Using our examples in your life is up to you. I am not a doctor or therapist. Although I am a self-proclaimed Epilepsy Self-Management Expert, my experience and expertise come from 30+ years of research and practice as a person diagnosed with Refractory Epilepsy and a 20+ year student of Personal Development and Growth. I am not responsible for any outcome, good or not so good, you experience while following the examples in this website. I urge you to talk to your diagnosing and treating seizure specialist before changing anything in your daily routine. About-tenacious-tonya-websiteAs you visit and revisit, I encourage you to share the content that means the most to you with your friends and in social media. You will find areas throughout tenacioustonya.com giving you opportunity to connect with me. When you feel the content shared in this website has helped you in any way, you will be offered an appropriate area to show your appreciation through donation.

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