Hurricanes, with their destructive energy, produce Broken Bones and Broken Lives.

Hurricane Brain in Epilepsy with similar destructive energy much of the time produces broken bones, broken relationships, and what feels like broken lives. At the beginning of my journey, I was caught up in this destruction, although it produced no broken bones in my body, I worked for over 30 years picking up the pieces of broken relationships each hurricane in my brain left in its wake. Until the year 2000, my life felt broken, I felt broken. I believe it was the power of my Creator that lifted me, as the energy of Creation lifts the Sun each day, out of the feeling of brokenness and set me on a clear, warm beach to soothe my temporary pains. It was then I began to really live again.


Consider the destruction in your life caused by the hurricanes of Epilepsy. What pieces can you repair? What damage must you let go of and turn over to your Higher Power? These honest answers are crucial to helping your bones in Life become strong again and then, as the song says, the rest won’t matter…


As we learn to recognize what is our responsibility and what we must let go of, Life does become less stressful. I have discovered with less stress comes fewer seizures, no matter what the trigger or cause. As we recognize that which we have control over and that which we do not, we have the option to better focus our time and effort to do what is important in helping the bones in our Life mend.


Yes, letting go seems to be difficult in your mind, it was for me in the beginning. This is because our inner self, or ego, is that little voice that warns or protects us all our life. That voice became programmed from the time we are conceived and does everything to manipulate our minds and bodies into doing what is believed to be best for us. About broken bones, my ego would say, “just walk it out”, this is to protect me from the financial pain of high costs of medical bills and the emotional pain of criticism from loved ones.


The Wisdom in me has been trained to override ego so when things arise, I remain wise. Training your inner Wisdom is like training a physical muscle, you must be diligent in practice to keep it strong, nourished, and flexible. As inner Wisdom grows, you will develop a good listening ear to tell the difference between the inner ego and inner Wisdom. What I speak of is a human thing and a spiritual one. Every human on the planet has these inner voices, yet many do not bother with developing awareness for them.  As your inner Wisdom grows, letting go of thoughts and things that are not your responsibility or are not beneficial to your goals in life will become easier. Soon egoic thoughts will come, you will recognize them, and they will melt away like snow on a hot day.


I encourage you to take a moment to look back at the path the hurricanes in your life have left. Ask yourself the questions I previously presented;

  • What pieces can you pick up and repair?
  • What damage must you let go of and turn over to your Higher Power?

Write your honest answers in a private journal. Perhaps the solutions are not altogether in your mind yet, but as you explore the damage and listen to your Inner Wisdom, you will feel inner stirrings of insight to write and work on areas of relationships and other broken bones in your life.

Know you are not alone in your journey. Do you want some guidance with the destruction Epilepsy has left behind in your life? Please comment below to let me know.



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