tenacious-tonya-hurricane-brainHurricane Brain: Over Twenty-One Million People at Risk, is a work in progress written by one who survived Hurricane Brain thriving daily with diagnoses of chronic comorbid conditions.   Followers are fortunate as Author, Tenacious Tonya Heathco, provides sections of her book for sneak preview at tenacioustonya.com.


Readers will be taken into the private and public life of the Author as she describes the intimate and stormy details of living with a rare genetic brain neuronal migration disorder, X-Linked Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia and Refractory Epilepsy, she labels these diagnoses together as Hurricane Brain. Her journey has taken over thirty years to embrace Epilepsy and find true shelter in the storms of Hurricane Brain successfully. Follow her, learn from her journey, become enlightened along your journey. Tenacious Tonya adds to her story time tested techniques helping her through the storms and invites you to discuss these techniques with your doctor to become empowered to help yourself and others embrace Epilepsy and weather the Storms.


While it is true sixty-five million worldwide are currently diagnosed with Epilepsy, it is the specific twenty-one million at risk Tonya will be speaking to through this work. The twenty-one million having had a diagnosis of Epilepsy resist accepting the term of Refractory Epilepsy. This human emotion is understandable, because for most hearing this term in their specialist’s office for the first time the term can lead to thoughts of hopelessness and fear. Tenacious Tonya plans to bridge the gap from hopelessness and fear to thriving and empowerment in life. Will YOU be among the many that stand with her in support of such effort? Consider your thoughts, enjoy reading the select excerpts from her book, and connect with her through the comments section or social media channels.


As she has lovingly reminded all those that come to her for advice and support through the years,” You are not alone, together we will bring order to seizure disorders one small effective step at a time. “


In regard to Hurricane Brain, the Author had this to say, “Hurricane warning systems are set up to protect people from storms of Nature. No warning systems exist for Hurricane Brain, a genetic disease. Hurricane Brain is a different, more severe form of Epilepsy. Differing from many cases diagnosed with Epilepsy, PNES, and seizure disorder. Hurricane Brain, a label I chose for my diagnosis, is a medical, neurological mystery in which seizures occur without warning or Aura. Seizures seem to have no known trigger. Seizures occur in clusters, more than one seizure at a time, or a single seizure in a day. Hurricane Brain is complex, difficult to diagnose, and almost always medically uncontrollable (Refractory or Intractable). You will not find the term ‘Hurricane Brain’ in any medical text or hear it as an official diagnosis as it is the term I use personally.”

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