Your success is in the small steps of progress you have taken to get this far into learning about how you can incorporate Positive Seizure Management into your daily routine. Is there more to Positive Seizure Management? Of course, there is! Digging deeper too soon will only cause you frustration and stress. I do not want that for you, so I have taken a slower route for Our Journey. When you are ready to dig deeper into your personal journey, let me know in the comments.

What will you discover while digging deeper?

Our Journey with Positive Seizure Management is a daily journey. There will be days you will learn something new, days you will resist getting out of bed to move forward, and days you will feel a sense of boredom as your brain establishes new neural connections leading to better habits. I, and others, will be your support team urging you to stay your course and focus on feeling better. Work to be done in Positive Seizure Management is beneficial to you. There may be fun self-assessment tests along this journey to help you discover more about your true self as you dig deeper into the realization you are a whole and growing person.

What is the value of Positive Seizure Management?

What value would you put on a seizure free day or a seizure free month? I am not talking about monetary value specifically. Take a moment to be still. Take a deep breath slowly in and slowly out. Now, think about what it would feel like for you to have a seizure free day.

What would a seizure free, worry free month look like and feel like for you? Gather all the good thoughts, emotions, and experiences having floated into your mind and sit with them for a moment.

This enriched moment you have is the value of Positive Seizure Management.

I make no promises for this innovative work because each adult is different, and everyone approaches this type of work with different levels of energy. I will tell you this; you will get out of Positive Seizure Management what you put into it.

What changes will be seen and felt when I decide to dig deeper into Positive Seizure Management?

You will discover your truth, what you value and what your values and strength are, and how to weave these and more into all areas of your life to create a whole balanced picture of Positive Seizure Management.

You will discover your triggers and how to better manage them. This often results in better seizure management and stress control.

You will learn the ease of letting go of what is not important in your life and focusing on what is important. This too often results in better seizure and stress control as well as an overall sense of increased well-being.

This and more, the possibilities are only hindered by your beliefs and imagination.





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