Legendary Life Lessons

Welcome home to the page hosting the Legendary Life Lessons learned from experiences with the chronic, unpredictable disease of Refractory Epilepsy, and the side effects that accompany this medically uncontrollable disease. Most of the experiences will be personal, taken from the life of myself and my daughter, Jubilant Jesyka. Every person has a story to tell, a story sharing a legendary life lesson. This being known, I am open to listening to and publishing true to life stories of adults that have been diagnosed with seizure disorders and have risen above a victim mindset to become legendary, a warrior if you will. To submit your legendary life lesson learned through living with any form of Epilepsy, please reach out to me through social media. I will respond and together we will prepare your Legendary Lesson for this website.

Life experiences teach us many lessons, whether a disease is in our experience or not. What sets the following apart to make them legendary is the fact that adults living with all forms of Epilepsy have listened and learned from their Life experiences. They have “seen” the golden nuggets in the backyard of their life and they are stronger and wiser for this action. My hope is that you will glean golden nuggets of wisdom each visit here, learning from our legendary life lessons to enrich your life and, perhaps, help yourself from making the same mistakes we made in our separate journeys along the path of Positive Seizure Management. As you find comfort, support, humor, community, or inspiration in the following stories I ask that you share them across your social media sites and, when so inclined, share your greatest appreciation through a cup of coffee or donation here. Now, pour a cup of something soothing and snuggle in to enjoy a moment with the collective writers here as we share our Legendary Life Lessons with you. Enjoy!  [/learn_more]

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