This is the Legendary Life of Anastacia Hanna my granddaughter, the only child of my daughter Jubilant Jesyka. She remains strong in her journey and many tales are yet to come. Enjoy these from her younger years.

Anastacia was born indelible and strong. A memorable force of Nature. These aspects were made more evident as she grew. As a toddler she enjoyed climbing trees and hiking in the Park. She made an adventure out of late-night shopping while playing hide and seek in almost every aisle.

As a young child, she loved adventure and always seems to know the better “thing” to do. She was born a Leader, making her own set of rules before society could crush her boldness;

“We look with our eyes, not our hands”

“Remember, good food before junk food!”

Two “rules” she would use to keep the family in line while being the Leader at the tender, cute -as-a-button age of three. Her strength, compassion, and gift of caring for others shined through during her early years, as you will learn in this interview, only to increase in sweetness as she grew:

SUDEP took her mother when she was still quite young, and even then, she seemed to understand. She never voiced a negative word toward God, the Universe, or Epilepsy for the sudden death. She was wise beyond her years.

Ask young Ana what she wants to be when she grows up and the answer was always the same ” I want to be Everything!” I supported her statement by telling her she could be everything she set out to be.

Even a sudden heart condition, doctors found linked to genetic PVNH, could not wipe her out. She bravely went through open heart surgery at 14, making her even stronger, her Mother’s Angel no doubt.

Now that she is in her teens, her story is transforming as she finds her way through Life with the help of loving, supportive people around her, including -of course- her TonTon, me! She will always be indelible for that is more than a moniker or word, it is a part of her Soul, a part of who she is to herself and others, impossible to forget.

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