I’m honored to share my life, the life of Tenacious Tonya, with you. I share with all my friend, my life is an open book intended to be a positive example for others.

I am an independent woman living about an hour’s drive West of Nashville Tennessee in an apartment I believed into being. Yes, I put action into the equation, but it was my faith that brought me here to my home and to create this website.

I am an independent woman living about an hour’s drive

tonya heathco

Compassionate, Helpful, Authentic

West of Nashville Tennessee in an apartment I believed into being. Yes, I put action into the equation, but it was my faith that brought me here to my home and to create this website. I remember that, even as a very young child, I knew my purpose and in order to fulfill that purpose I must be surrounded by beauty, serenity, and prosperity. It took me all my life, but in my post-menopausal years, I feel I am now where I should be in fulfilling my purpose, “right on track”, as they say. Through my words, written here, I will share with you;

  • my reflections of childhood and having children in my life
  • experiences of surviving, even thriving through chronic unpredictable illness and the sudden death of one of my children
  • insights into my old belief system and what I had to change to bring balance into my life today
  • and my life’s work, a vision for millions of adults like me living with Epilepsy.

tonyaheathco.com I was born in California in 1967, in the time of Charles Manson and the Hippie Movement. I am the first of three children born to middle -class parents. My earliest memories are of enjoying sand and waves of the local beaches, turbulent earthquakes, and roaring wildfires. It was rumored we lived half a mile away from the Spahn Ranch where the Manson Family set up camp. Both exciting and scary to learn as I grew into my teen years.

Moving to Tennessee was quite an adventure. All I had known of Tennessee was the old TV program “The Beverly Hillbillies” Although Dad promised me our life wouldn’t be as primitive, life had something different in mind. We spent the first year living in a house with no running water, no bathroom (we used an old-fashioned Outhouse!) and no gas/electric heat or insulation. We cooked on a stove heated by wood chopped by my dad and carried in by every able-bodied person above the age of 5, bathed in a claw-footed tub filled with buckets of heated water carried from the wood stove. tonya-heathcoI was convinced everyday living was a form of “child labor” as seen in this picture of me washing clothes by hand. We were living the country life and I was not happy!

Every experience during the next ten years would secure my mindset and energy directed to living in survivor mode. I remember thinking life was supposed to be about growth. It seemed I was growing backward. Is that a familiar feeling in your life?

Life became easier as opportunities were created for our family to grow and move from location to location. By my late teen years, I was doing all I could to “fix” my own low self-esteem brought on by a house filled with silent abuse, neglect, and imbalance. This brought me to choices leading me down a path of early motherhood and abusive relationships. I still hadn’t “fixed” anything.

It was not until my Twenties, with three children and a diagnosis of brain malformation Peri-Ventricular Nodular Heterotopia (PVNH) accompanied by unpredictable, medically uncontrolled Epilepsy I realized I was not the One to fix anything in my life. My Creator, God, was the One in control as I surrendered my life to Him. Once again, just as I did as a ten-year-old child, I surrendered my life to God. Changes were not apparent immediately. I still had some lessons to learn.

Later in my life is when the life lessons began to really become apparent. I accepted the personal responsibility of self-awareness and, well, “growing up”. I now have a solid faith in a loving Life Force (God) that provides for all living beings equal to our faith and our actions. I have enjoyed over 30 years’ experience in the business of personal development, dabbling in several at-home businesses since the age of 15. My most successful was a non-profit for seizure survivors. After several years I knew this was not the path I was to travel so I let the business go to explore my passion for writing, my calling as a positive seizure management program creator, leader, and coach. I also open myself to delve deeper into developing a program my daughter and I began together, a self-therapy program for adults diagnosed with Refractory Epilepsy.

Within the pages of tenacioustonya.com, you will enjoy reflections, experiences, and insights of a legacy written for the empowerment of humankind. A gift for you from me, Tenacious Tonya, and my dearly departed daughter, Jubilant Jesyka. You may ask, Why now? I am writing my legacy for the public currently because:

  • I have discovered my true worth
  • I want to honor my daughter’s last wishes to help others with unpredictable medically uncontrolled chronic illness
  • As with every human, I know my time in this life is limited and my story is too grand not to be told.

Tonya HeathcoIn sharing, I intend to entertain, to guide, to show support, real love, and unshakable faith. I’ve come a long way in Fifty-plus years of Life. From the sunny beaches of California to the green hills of Tennessee. I’ve lived through experiences I would not wish on anyone and I’ve experienced the precious moments of Creation and Transformation of Life. From one end of the spectrum of emotions to the other, you will have an opportunity to experience them all with me as I write the following for you, my dear friend. In empowering you to a greater belief in yourself and your God (Your Creator), my mission here will be done. Then you will have what is needed within you to go forward and help others in your own way using the purpose born into your life.

Yes, my friend, your purpose is there. Within you. Waiting to be heard and understood.

As you get to know more about the projects and purpose of tenacioustonya.com, check-in from time to time with yourself and get to know the stronger and more successful version of yourself. When you feel words written within this website have helped you and benefited your life in a way of well-being, feel free to show your support for tenacioustonya.com through social media, through comments, and any size donation here.

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