The day was peaceful and bright, a usual late Spring day in Tennessee. I was finishing the morning housecleaning and had a pleasant sense of eagerness to invade my being. Soon my daughter Jesyka would be waking from a late afternoon nap and we would have time to play before feeding her brother Cory. My days were full, two children to care for, one on the way, unpredictable medically uncontrollable seizures. I was blessed to have people helping me during this time in my life. Today, however, I was alone with the children and determined to make the best of every precious moment.
Jesyka was not yet five and with her little princess sparkling energy, she took my hand, looked deep into my eye and asked me to dance. We were listening to music and Van Morrison “Into the Mystic” began to play as I swept her into my arms, and we swayed to the beat of the music. From that moment, for the rest of our lives, “Into the Mystic” was one of our songs. We never discussed what the words of this song meant, as we would other songs from time to time. The words seem to melt deep into our shared Spirit. As we danced the first time and every time after this song, it is as if the words were ours and we were more than two humans, mother, and daughter, at the moment. We were two beings filled with love for each other and for life. Two beings filled with the creation of life, the Source of life.
During our dance, I determined that nothing would break the bond holding my children and me together, the bond of love and creation. I knew, because life is messy, experiences may take us from one another and may or may not bring us back together, but in my heart, the bond of love and creation would remain solid. Even after Jesyka’s death experience in 2012 and my son’s distancing themselves from me for their own reasons, the bond in my heart, a bond of unconditional love, stands strong.
As I write this for you, I develop a deeper understanding of this song. Perhaps the song will change in meaning for you as life brings you through different experiences. Today this song holds a deeper spiritual significance for me.
We, Jesyka and I, invite you, along Our Journey, to relax into the energy of Love and life as you listen to our song:

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