Hey there, Friends! Today I have a quick guide going deeper for you into Positive Seizure Management, a self-therapy management system so innovative, the medical community has yet to integrate it into Epilepsy Centers across the nation. You are one of the first to benefit from this resource.  Enjoy this overview and let me know if you believe it will work for you.


Have you “done it all” in the area of seizure management? Do you still wake up every day wanting to live a higher qualitytenacious-positive-seizure-management of life and, perhaps, experience a seizure free day? My life’s work is to help each adult, including myself, feel better every day through an Epilepsy management system I have adopted into my life several years ago. The system? Positive Seizure Management. Today I am unfolding steps I went through on my journey. You can decide for yourself if this is a direction you wish to take regarding your Epilepsy journey. Another choice is to walk away enlightened by the knowledge that there is a new and innovative therapy available for adults diagnosed with Epilepsy.


Important to mention here, I – Tenacious Tonya, am not a medical doctor or therapist. I am considered an Epilepsy Care Expert due to years of daily practice and research in the field of Epilepsy self-management/care. I ask you to consult with your treating seizure doctor before making any changes of routine to medication, diet, exercise, or other therapies. I am not responsible for any result, positive or negative, of the actions you decide to take after reading the content I create on this website.


In the beginning, I gathered the resources and tools to learn more about myself. I am not talking about my heritage or what colors look good on me, I am talking about exploring deeper issues that build my relationship with myself, my self-esteem, and my relationship with the diagnosis I was given over 35 years ago.


tenacious-tonya-guide-positive-seizure-managementAs I began to grow from learning more about myself, I wanted more. I wanted to BE more. I began developing in other areas of my life and connecting these areas to build a strong sense of self and confidence. When you find these words helpful and you want to give this a test in your life, I plan to be here to guide you along the way, baby step by baby step.

As confidence grew, I became bolder and more knowledgeable in managing my healthcare. Developing and presenting to each doctor updated journals and summaries of symptoms during each visit. This helped my improve self-efficacy and doctor-patient relationships.


Soon, I was feeling so good about myself, I noticed I was separating myself from toxic situations and people without much effort. I was easily ridding my daily diet of toxic foods. I was building a daily routine of good sleep, stress management, proper breathing, nutrition and hydration, exercise, learning to strengthen my mind, and recuperative rest.


These simple daily steps, along with medications and therapies my Epileptologist provided, led me to Positive Seizure Management and the power of knowing that even if I do encounter a seizure or more during a day, I will be okay.




  • Do you want to feel better?
  • Do you want to have Hope?
  • Do you want to bring order to seizure disorder?


You now have an overview of how I accomplish Positive Seizure Management daily. Are you ready to join Our Journey and dive deeper into the details of your new life experience with Positive Seizure Management? When your answer is “Yes, I’m ready!” Begin HERE.


tenacious-tonya-gratitudeWhen you are ready to show your appreciation for the words written here and help me build the future of Positive Seizure Management, please consider visiting HERE to honor me with a donation of your choosing today. Another fun way to help is always remember, sharing is caring, share this content across your social media connections today.


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