What do you consider precious memories,

or signs of Spring? 

The signs of Spring in Tennessee always bring precious memories of my daughter, Jesyka (Jesy), as a young child. All the innocence and smiles. The wonder, exploring, surprise, and even the thunderous cries.  Although Jesyka was born in the Summer, she will always remind me of Spring. Perhaps this is because of her nature, her personality, because she is my first child and only daughter, or perhaps a blend of the above. I am eternally grateful for this precious memories we built together as mother and daughter, best friends, and support for one another in our struggles and victories living with genetic Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia and Refractory Epilepsy.   I sit writing for you and, from time to time, take a break to gaze across the room at a beautiful arrangements of silk flowers to welcome a bit of the memory of Jesy in Spring. The bouquets consist of her favorites, tonyaheathco.com orange Tiger Lilies.  She grew up a “flower child “at heart.   I am grateful she had special experiences growing up and was able to share similar experiences with her daughter.  Hearing her gasp in awe at the first look of a field full of buttercups in bloom hidden away from the public view was one of the most precious memories I have of her as a growing young adult. She was 15, her biological father had returned to our lives and wanted to share something beautiful and precious with her. The same field he shared with me almost 17 years prior.     That moment felt as if we had stepped into another plane of tonya heathcoexistence and another time. All was silent around us during the hour we three spent among the buttercups. Our voices filled with loving remarks and laughter was all to be heard in the air of that space during those precious moments.  In our world, during the hour, all that existed was our small happy family and our dreams of what could be… And then it was time to leave, face our daily lives, and nevermore be the same. Years later as we brought her daughter Ana to the same field, the awe and wonder were experienced, but not quite the same. Was it we who changed or the field?

        » » »  Something to Think About « ««

You see, I believe every day is precious and cannot be relived so, in a sense, every experience changes us in one way or another and we cannot go back to self-correct. All we can do is accept responsibility for that which we have control, our words and actions, and decide to make each moment count to the best of our ability for the betterment of ourselves and those around us.   This experience will always be relived in my memory and in present day the memory can serve to better my day when I call upon the senses within the memory.  You too have this ability with any precious memory you keep in your heart. Choose to focus on the good feelings within the precious memory and allow those feelings to nurture your soul. In turn, your physical body will benefit as feel good chemicals are released in your brain to travel throughout your body. Science proves this time and time again.  Along with daily exercise approved by your physician and feeling good to your body, nurturing your soul in this way can be more powerful than any anti-depressant.   Our lives took a different, and much darker direction years afterward. However, I will always have those Spring memories of Jesy.

You are always loved and appreciated here.

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